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Our mission is to serve those in our community suffering from mental illness or chronic pain. We aim to help our patients take back control of their life and start living again.

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At Roswell Infusions, our growing team of specialists treats patients from across Southeastern New Mexico. Our professionals provide the expert care you can trust. We are happy to be a key part of your care team.

If you have been struggling to manage your depression or anxiety with traditional medication, Roswell Infusions is here to help relieve your symptoms. 

Ketamine, originally an FDA-approved anesthetic, has made a new mark on the medical world in recent years. When infused into the bloodstream at a low dose, it provides symptom relief for conditions such as depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and more. 

Treatments We Offer

Ketamine Treatment

Ketamine infusion therapy is an innovative new approach that differs from traditional therapy. Ketamine can be used to address several treatment-resistant conditions like depression, PTSD, OCD, anxiety disorders, and chronic pain conditions.

IV Therapy

Intravenous (IV) infusions are the most efficient way to receive vitamins. While oral vitamins are only absorbed in around 40%, research shows that IV vitamins can be absorbed by up to 90%. This enhanced absorption rate results from the vitamins being injected into the bloodstream.

Conditions Ketamine Therapy Can Treat



Jason s.
Jason S.
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Dr. Preston was so wonderful. Answered every single question. I felt very safe there. The ketamine has worked for me and I'm so thankful for it. Currently 1 week out from final infusion and feeling the best I have in years.
Amanda w.
Amanda W.
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My experience with Dr. Preston and her staff has been wonderful. I have went to five sessions and every time I feel more empowered over my future and able to work through the days with much less anxiety and depression.
Brain d.
Brain D.
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Very professional, knowledgeable, and friendly staff. I felt very comfortable and safe throughout my multiple visits. I highly recommend Roswell Infusions to anyone trying to overcome depression/anxiety.


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